Tuesday, December 21, 2010


After preparing the sewing bag for the beginners class, I was in the mood of designing others.

The cutest being for plastic bags storage! This hen is holding dozen of them. Lift its wing and fill it. It will lay bags anytime you need...from its bottom.
It is made from Provencal calico in two contrasted tones. The fabrics are padded with batting and muslin, wings are edged with a bias binding and appliqued on the top only. The comb is cut out of felt material. Two black buttons will do the eyes.

Monday, December 20, 2010


Here are the patterns you will be using to make your first shirt. You can choose between a child's, a woman's or a man's style. It will be easy to do even for beginners. I shall be there to guide you and show you tips and tricks. 
Only interested in making a shirt? Just contact Chantal and enroll for it. Ask for a half-session of 3 weeks starting on February 1st, 2011 or March 15th, 2011.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lotus Sewing bag

This is your FIRST project... I have the RECIPE and the INGREDIENTS...
Lets make it together!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Entre-Deux Mers: TWINED RAG RUG / Tapis de Lirettes

This is part of my American country rugs experience.
After making braided Icord rugs a year ago, I bought Bobbie Irwin's book: Twined rag rugs. I wanted to try other rag rug techniques. I really enjoy this book which contains clear explanations of the different stitches and shapes of rugs. I especially love the "celebration of rug twiners", an album dedicated to the pioneers of this technique.

My pegged frame with adjustable cross bars was built by my hubby.

I had a shoe box full of scrap strips of cotton in different tones of blue, ready for 15 years to become a log cabin quilt.! Too bad!
They will become a beautiful twined rag rug.
I used a light cotton twill tape for the continuous warp. That was great, it did not fray.

I rarely make samples, so I often have to redo...
I started with a Salish-style diamond but it did not work out.
I removed it keeping the few rows of navy countered twining
and the white band of white & red.
Then I decided to make rectangles in light, medium and dark using
blue fabric at random. I switched colors using the interlocked tapestry join.
I tightened the rows with a large comb.

It was a long labor but the result is amazing, a thick and dense rug washable in machine! It will be perfect in a kitchen near the sink.
Well...too bad... I don't like blue, so I will have to do an other one, of course!
size: 38" x 29.5" (96cm x 75cm)
weight: 4lb 14oz (2kg 200g)

It took less fabric than I expected.
The next one will definitely be a diamond. Never give up!