Sunday, November 7, 2010

Entre-Deux Mers: TWINED RAG RUG / Tapis de Lirettes

This is part of my American country rugs experience.
After making braided Icord rugs a year ago, I bought Bobbie Irwin's book: Twined rag rugs. I wanted to try other rag rug techniques. I really enjoy this book which contains clear explanations of the different stitches and shapes of rugs. I especially love the "celebration of rug twiners", an album dedicated to the pioneers of this technique.

My pegged frame with adjustable cross bars was built by my hubby.

I had a shoe box full of scrap strips of cotton in different tones of blue, ready for 15 years to become a log cabin quilt.! Too bad!
They will become a beautiful twined rag rug.
I used a light cotton twill tape for the continuous warp. That was great, it did not fray.

I rarely make samples, so I often have to redo...
I started with a Salish-style diamond but it did not work out.
I removed it keeping the few rows of navy countered twining
and the white band of white & red.
Then I decided to make rectangles in light, medium and dark using
blue fabric at random. I switched colors using the interlocked tapestry join.
I tightened the rows with a large comb.

It was a long labor but the result is amazing, a thick and dense rug washable in machine! It will be perfect in a kitchen near the sink.
Well...too bad... I don't like blue, so I will have to do an other one, of course!
size: 38" x 29.5" (96cm x 75cm)
weight: 4lb 14oz (2kg 200g)

It took less fabric than I expected.
The next one will definitely be a diamond. Never give up!


  1. love the jacket! it is beautiful!

  2. I love this rug...I love blues and think it's georgeous!

  3. Very, very well done. It looks like you really paid attention to technique and design. There can be a major difference between "homemade" and "handmade", and your rug looks fabulously, (and professionally!) handmade.

  4. I just bought my rag rug loom. I just LOVE your rug and have been wondering how you did the squares so perfectly. I will have to research how to do the join you mention. I have seen many online that tried to accomplish this but who had less than perfect results. You are inspiring me!

  5. I absolutely love your rug. I initially did a knotted rag rug and have now switched to twining after buying a loom. I love it! I have my rug on the loom and have it about 1/4 finished. I also bought Bobbie Irwin's book and am anxious to learn how to do the join stitch. Like Sharon (above) I see many pictures online that do not have the quality. Your picture shows a lot of attention to detail and it inspires me to continue!